Pedigree Name: Idylla Durgo at Russiandream


Pipa boasts strong rich red pigments with a lustrous silky coat. She is a friendly dog that lives children. She has the most easy going character and extremely easy to train. Pipa's strongest trait is her temperament. We have never known a dog this brave and it is fortunate that she has passed this character to her pups too. Pipa can encounter fireworks, thunderstorms, fairgrounds, hot air balloons, open bonfires, construction works etc without batting an eyelid. 

Pipa is the peacemaker on group walks amongst some very large breeds, She usually joins a German shepherd beach walk and although being the smallest amongst some 38 GSDs, she certainly doesn't behave as the odd one out. 

She is extremely loyal and protective of her family, especially our young children and takesKennel  her pack duties very seriously.

My most favourite thing about Pipa has been watching her mothering her litters. She adores being a mother and religiously cleans, guards, feeds, and guides them to the ways go their new world. 

WOW FACT: Pipa alerted us when our child was hurt at a nearby park. She ran home, scratched the door and barked. She made us chase her back to the park to discover Kyan who fractured his arm from a fall off his scooter.


Date of Birth: 16.05.2013

Sex: Female 

Colour: Red Brown

Health Tests: 

Full extensive Eye Tests All ClearPatella Luxation 0/0 

Sire: Effendi Olpemi 

Dam: Aksamitka Durgo 

Kennel : Durgo