It was love at first sight

The birth of our kennel began when I first set eyes upon a gorgeously bright red puppy advertised for sale. She joined our family home and changed our lives. Our family activities involved exploring the outdoors, building memories and connecting like never before... and there she was at the centre of it all - Our beautiful little Russian Toy. 

She painted a brightly coloured canvas in our hearts and asked for nothing in return, but our companionship for life. 

Through learning and better understanding of this wonderful new breed, our fascination grew.  I soon became involved in the foundation of the Russian Toy Breed Club Uk and the Kennel club application to bring this breed to its due recognition. 

Our kennel is a bout rearing and raising dogs, that first and foremost make excellent family companions through careful selection of strong character and temperament. We follow Puppy culture, a focussed scientific training programme for our young litters to get the very best socialisation and start in life. In Addition we maintain focus on improving the breed to excelling standards and examples of the Russian Toy breed. Health of our chosen mated dogs are taken very seriously. Our dogs are screened annually for all known conditions prevalent in the Russian Toy breed with certification.