Mane management

Do not be deceived by that gorgeous mane. These dogs are super easy to maintain and are more "Au-natural" when it comes to grooming.  Just need a regular comb to remove any tousled tangles or knots.

Hair shedding

It is often thought that, smooth coats shed less than our gorgeous long haired variety (I'm biased!) In fact, the hair has to complete growing its entire length before the shed, which means much longer than a smooth coat. Although by comparison to many other dog breeds; for the Russian toy , shedding is not an issue. 


They have a good appetite which makes them super easy to train. Ideal to give some raw meaty bones to chew on regularly . Bull Pizzles also make great dental flossers. Just get a peg for your nose and candles for your home.

Pearly whites

With a mouth this small, the teeth albeit neatly are packed together, very tightly. This means brushing in these compact spaces is even harder to clean out, food debris and bacteria. Regular brushing is absolutely essential as there is very little tissue to hold onto those tiny teeth, if decay causes gum recession. Coconut oil is a natural anti-bacterial remedy to rub over. The dogs love the taste and you will much appreciate a tamer breath for kisses. 


Deciduous teeth

That's just the fancy name for "Puppy teeth". These breed tend to retain their milk canines which can interfere with the growth of their adult canines resulting in an incorrect bite. This can become a real annoyance and struggle for your dog.  Don't worry, as I will guide you through the changes as your little one grows. 

Snip Snip

You will save a small fortune here, as this breed does not need any regular clipping. Their fur on their under paw pads might grow too long and need clipping to keep tidy, along with their claws; but this is an small and easy task. 

The other ... dreaded Snip Snip

Unless for valid medical reasons, I am fervently against neutering. I have seen the disastrous effects both mentally and physically. Vets tend to have a knack of guilt tripping you into "doing the right thing for your dog!" Be firm and allow your dog to be as mother nature intended. They will be both healthier and happier for it. 

Pee Belly

I'm afraid, there is no remedy here. Due to their tiny size and construction; the boys can sometimes pee over their belly. You couldn't wash them all the time, and they really do try their best with an impressive leg lift.  Try not to get too hung up over this, as its tiny dribbles. Keep a soaped wash cloth handy and give them a rub down when needed. 

Soaps and Suds

No expense here either. They don't take a lot of time to wash with their tiny stature. A quick shower, as a bath seems overkill for their tiny size and a huge amount of water. Aim for once a month, or when needed. 

Watch your step

They soon learn to avoid your feet and so will you! Be prepared for them to follow you around ... it's not separation anxiety , just some crazy love ! When carrying them, keep a  good hold, as their curiosity can take over and they could leap out of your arms onto danger.